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Wedding Arrangements

Q: Can we be married at Our Savior’s, Regina?

All are Welcome!

We are often asked, “Do we both need to members of the Church?” Well, Jesus involved himself with all sorts of people. So the Church following Jesus would serve you whether you are Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Muslim, Hindu, agnostic, or none of the above. You are welcome here just as you are. Our Savior’s is also open to celebrating same-sex marriages. We are all beloved children of God!

We do ask folks to please understand that all the weddings we celebrate at Our Savior’s are seen by our pastors and community as worship services, and as such, the focus of the wedding celebration is formed and based out of the good news found in the Christian faith.

Marriage Preparation

In the hopes of building a firm foundation for your marriage, couples are encouraged to enrol in a pre-marriage educational opportunity. Please talk with one of the pastors about possible or recommended options.

The First Step in Booking

If you have more questions, or for booking a wedding, please contact the Our Savior’s office. (It’s very necessary to check for date and pastor availability!) For wedding bookings, Our Savior’s generally operates on a first-come/first-served basis. We would love to sit down with you to get to know you and to talk to you about beginning this new stage in your life together.

Congratulations and God’s blessings in this important time in your life!

Also, FYI…Wedding Requirements of the Government of Saskatchewan:

Marriage License

Before a marriage service may be performed to make a union valid in the provinces’ eyes, you must provide the pastor with a valid marriage license. Licenses may be secured at several places in the city of Regina. (go to http://www.saskatchewan.ca/live/births-deaths-adoption-and-marriages/preparing-for-and-getting-married/get-a-marriage-licence). To secure the license you will need to present your identification and pay a nominal fee. For individuals who are divorced, you will need to present the license issuer with a copy of your “final decree.”

Registration of Marriage and Marriage Certificates

You must complete a “Registration of Marriage” Document and sign the document along with two of your attendants and the pastor–the “signing of the registry” normally takes place during the wedding ceremony itself. (The officiating pastor will provide you with a copy of the registration form to be completed by you and delivered to the church at least one week before the ceremony.) After the wedding, the registration form is sent to the government department by the officiant. A second document, a church marriage certificate, will be provided for your keeping, signed by your attendants and the officiant at the ceremony. To obtain an official Province of Saskatchewan marriage certificate after your ceremony, go to http://www.ehealthsask.ca/vitalstats/marriages/orderamarriagecertificate/Pages/default.aspx