190 Massey Road, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 4N5 Sundays 10:30 AM

Adult Faith Formation

Sunday Sermons: The Lutheran tradition has always emphasized the importance of the preached word. Our pastors are dedicated to interpret the Scriptures so that the people may hear a Word of God for their lives.

Word for the Week: Each Sunday, the Biblical text for the week and a simple prayer is provided by the pastors for reflection each day of the week.

Weekday Bible Study: This community is committed to study and meditate on the Scripture. Each year various Bible Study opportunities are offered, some are led by the pastors, some by others in the community, some are “drop-in” sessions, some are year-long sessions. Please call or email the church office for more information on times, dates, and study focuses.

Theological Presentations: During the Year speakers are invited to present on emerging religious, theological and societal issues. Stay tuned for our next special presentation.

Tai Chi: We are followers of Jesus in body, mind and spirit. Tai Chi meets on Mondays and Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. for an hour of training and practice.