190 Massey Road, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 4N5 Sundays 10:30 AM

Children’s Ministry


Baptismal Ministry: Our church offers baptism to children as well as adults. We believe that in baptism, God gathers a human being, old or young into God’s arms, and that in baptism a person’s walk with Jesus begins. Baptism normally takes place in front of the community gathered for Sunday worship (although private baptisms may be arranged in the case of special circumstances). Call or email the church office if interested!

Sunday School: “Sunday School” involves children ages 4 – 10. Children gather with their parents in the sanctuary for Sunday Worship and after the Prayer of the Day, Pastor or a Story leader invite the children to join in a procession to our Fellowship Hall for about a 20 minute period of discovering the Word through bible story, music, etc.  The children rejoin their families around the time right after the sermon so they can be with the whole Sunday gathering for prayers, Holy Communion and the sending.  This gathering runs September through the end of May.

Children’s Time: When Sunday school is not in session (particularly on long weekends/holidays during the school year, and for the summer months) our Sunday morning worship includes a children’s time where children are invited to gather at the front for a story or songs of faith. Please also know that children – with any of the chaos that may accompany them – are always welcome in worship!! But we do have a worship sound and video feed into our Fireside Room – the room right beside our main worship area – where parents and children may take a break if they feel it’s needed!